Become a Bacchus Marsh Strawberry & Cherry Festival Sponsor: Ignite the Magic!

We invite you to join us as a sponsor for the upcoming Strawberry & Cherry Festival – an event that promises to captivate hearts and celebrate the season like never before. Your sponsorship isn't just support; it's an opportunity to be part of an unforgettable experience that brings joy to our community.

Why Sponsor? Align your brand with a cherished community event that resonates with values of togetherness, celebration, and cultural diversity. Your sponsorship will not only boost your brand visibility but also demonstrate your commitment to enhancing the lives of our residents.

Branding Opportunities: From banners and signage to digital promotions and event mentions, your brand will take center stage. With a diverse audience, your message will reach families, individuals, and local businesses alike.

Engagement and Exposure: Engage directly with festival attendees through booth space, interactive displays, and activities. This is your chance to connect with your target audience, build relationships, and showcase your offerings.

Community Impact: Your sponsorship directly contributes to creating a memorable experience for our community. Your involvement fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation, strengthening your connection with the people you serve.

Levels of Sponsorship: We offer a range of sponsorship tiers to accommodate your budget and goals. Whether you're a local business looking to connect with your community or a larger corporation seeking impactful branding, there's a sponsorship package tailored for you.

Join the Celebration: Don't miss the opportunity to be part of a vibrant celebration that leaves a lasting impact. By becoming a sponsor, you help us ignite the magic of the Strawberry & Cherry Festival and make it a cherished memory for all.

Get Involved: Contact us today to explore sponsorship options, discuss benefits, and customise a package that suits your objectives. Together, let's create a Strawberry & Cherry Festival that stands as a beacon of community spirit and appreciation – with your brand at its heart.

Email: admin@urbanmarkets.com.au